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Hanging wall quilt of Debbie Gilbert playing the flute, made and designed by Roseanne Williamson

The hanging wall quilt was designed and given to me by Roseanne Williamson, a parent of a former student.


"Debbie Gilbert is a master teacher. In fact, she is one of the best flute teachers I have had the opportunity to study with.  She always has constructive ideas or an exercise to assist you in improving your playing.  I learn something in every single lesson."      Margo Kujat, former adult student

"My daughter, Bonnie, had the privilege to study flute with Debbie Gilbert for three years in high school, and it is difficult to put into words what a difference Debbie made in her life.  From a musical stand point, Debbie taught her skills and techniques which made her practice more effective and her playing beyond beautiful.  I was astounded by the difference in the quality of her tone after just a short period of time, and as she continued to study with Debbie, she just got better and better. But as wonderful as all of that is, Debbie deeply impacted my daughter’s life beyond the music.  Simply put, Debbie Gilbert is one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever known.  She took the time to understand who my daughter is, to encourage her to believe in herself and to chase her dreams through hard work and a positive attitude. Debbie encouraged my daughter to audition not just for the usual leveled high school bands, but for solo competitions and the nationally-fielded high school flute choirs for the Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention and the National Flute Association Convention. Because of Debbie, Bonnie had the opportunity to perform as a soloist with the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra, to play in a pit orchestra, to travel the country to play at flute conventions, and to meet famous flute players and composers. Debbie gave my daughter a life-long love of flute music and the courage to take on difficult tasks with confidence and perseverance. I credit much of who my daughter is today, well beyond her beautiful flute playing, to her time spent with Debbie Gilbert."            Hope Laingen, parent

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