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Gilbert Flute Studio

Debbie Gilbert

Flutist, Teacher, Conductor

Photo of Debbie Gilbert with flute

Lesson Offerings

I teach private flute and piccolo lessons to beginners through advanced students,

school aged through  adults

Zoe trying out contrabass flute at convention

Courtney playing piccolo in marching band

Flute Recital

Flute recital 2018

Flute Recital 2018

Courtney playing piccolo in marching band

Courtney playing piccolo for the Liberty Marching Band

Zoë trying out a contrabass flute at the National Flute Association Convention

Debbie in high school

Debbie in high school

Why take private lessons? Isn't band enough?

Band directors are awesome musicians.  I was one myself! They are the ones who often first introduce us to music and create in us a love for making music. Yes, you can learn to play through band class, but as good as band directors are, they don’t have time to focus on individual playing problems.

I decided to take private lessons in the 10th grade after learning I was sitting last chair! Even though I had been in band since the 4th grade I learned more about playing the flute than I had in the previous years combined. Private lessons gave me confidence and opportunities I would not have had otherwise.  I went from sitting last chair in band to first chair in one year!

Studio News

Private lessons are available either in person or on Zoom, Skype or Facetime. I give 30, 45 and 60 minute lessons.    Contact me for more information.

Three gold flutes

Contact Me

Lessons are given online or at my studio

 in Broad Run located near Haymarket and  Warrenton, Virginia


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